Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items will you buy?

What types of items does Cash For Gold purchase?

We buy gold, silver, coins, silverware, and other precious items. If you have an item you’re curious about, please contact us.

Not really sure what you have?  Feel free to ask us to look at it. We will be happy to help you sort it out and see if there are valuable items in the mix.

Can I sell broken jewelry or damaged items?

Yes, we accept jewelry and items in any condition. The value is primarily based on the material content and not the item’s condition.

What is the process?

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, making an appointment is necessary to provide you with the best possible service. You can easily schedule one by either calling us directly or by completing the appointment form available on our website.

Is there a fee for you to evaluate my items?

No, our service is completely free, and there’s no obligation to sell your items.

How long does the process take?

Most evaluations are completed within minutes, but that depends on the number and complexity of items you bring.

Do I need to clean my items before bringing them in?

No, cleaning your items is not necessary and can sometimes damage them. We evaluate items as they are.

Do I need to bring any documentation for my items?

While not always necessary, any documents or certificates that verify your items’ authenticity can help ensure you get the best possible price.

Will I get paid immediately if I decide to sell?

Yes, if we reach an agreement, you will be paid cash on the spot.

Is there a limit to how much I can sell at one time?

No, there is no limit. We are prepared to buy a single item or entire collections.

Is my transaction confidential?

Absolutely. We guarantee discretion and privacy in every transaction.

What measures does Cash For Gold take to ensure the safety of my items?

We handle all items with the utmost care and have secure facilities to ensure your items are protected during the appraisal process.

How do you determine my item’s value?

What factors determine the value of my items?

We assess items based on current market prices, purity, weight, and, in the case of gemstones, their cut, color, clarity, and carat.

When we evaluate jewelry, it is usually based on the materials, so even a broken old chain can get you money.  You can feel secure knowing that we offer very competitive rates for your precious metals.

Some items do get valued for more than just the materials.  For example a unique vintage piece, something made by a popular designer, or a valuable antique might be given a value based on the resale value.

The main way that diamonds are evaluated, whether brought to us loose or in a piece of jewelry, is using the Four Cs – Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat.

  • Clarity: The fewer imperfections in a diamond, the better; a flawless diamond is extremely rare and valuable.
  • Cut: A diamond cut to proper proportion allows the greatest amount of light to be reflected for maximum brilliance.
  • Color: Most diamonds appear colorless, but there are many subtle differences in shade.  The closer a diamond is to having no color, the more valuable it becomes (unless it’s a rare “fancy” color).
  • Carat: A carat is a measure of weight, which also indicates size.


How do I know I’m getting a fair price?

Our evaluations are based on up-to-date market prices and the intrinsic value of your items. We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness.

Will I receive an amount equal or greater than what I paid for an item?

The initial retail price of your item included a variety of factors like the materials used, craftsmanship, and various business expenses, among others. However, the offer we make is primarily based on the current value of the materials, such as gold or silver, and does not account for these additional factors. While we understand that sentimental value can be significant for the owner, it cannot be considered in our valuation process.

What happens if we can't agree on a price?

If we can’t reach an agreement, there’s no obligation to sell. We aim for satisfaction in every transaction, but understand if you choose to keep your item.

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